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Magnetic Bracelets and Arthritis

You type, drive, lift, pull, and push all day.  Aren’t your hands, wrists, and other joints killing you?  Have you tried different ways to alleviate the joint pain?
With so many health remedies and ways to apply pain management for achy joints and arthritis, it’s hard to decipher what can help and what can’t. When it […]

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Drinking Milk May Prevent Knee Arthritis Pain

Want to slow the progression and discomforts of knee arthritis?  There is a weapon that you would be completely shocked to find out, works.  And that weapon is…milk!  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, milk.  Though results show a higher success rate for women, than men.

What is Knee Arthritis?
Knee arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that […]

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How to Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Who ever thought that picking up a glass of water or opening a car door could be so difficult or even painful?  You open the door to your favorite restaurant and as pain and discomfort set in, you think to yourself, “My goodness, what is going on with my hands and wrists?”
Meet carpal tunnel syndrome […]

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Zohydro – Should patients with chronic pain be denied drugs in order to protect the safety of drug abusers?

Last year, FDA approved a long acting version of the opiate, hydrocodone, names Zohydro ER. This drug will provide 12 hour pain relief to patients with moderate-to-severe chronic pain. The FDA’s approval of Zohydro for public consumption was in direct opposition of the FDA’s own outside scientific advisory panel, which voted, 11-2, against approving this […]

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How to Manage Arthritis Pain Effectively

Arthritis affects more than one in five adults in the United States, more women than men. Arthritis disease weakens the body, causes pain, and can make even the simplest of tasks difficult in daily life. The symptoms of arthritis can be uncomfortable, often painful and can interfere with everyday activities. One of the best things you […]

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