osteoarthritis pain relief

New research now shows that walking reduces the risk of physical limitations associated with knee osteoarthritis (OA).  Walking, you say?!  Yes…6000 steps to be exact.  Now one would think that is a bit ironic, but the new study suggests that walking 6,000-plus steps per day could possibly protect those with – or those who are at risk of developing OA – from developing physical mobile issues – such as difficulty kneeling and/or climbing a flight of stairs.

Millions of Americans over the age of 25 are diagnosed with osteoarthritis every year.  Most of the millions of people experience loss of mobility when it comes to even the simplest of things, like walking.  Medical evidence even reports that most of American adults with knee-arthritis walk less than 90 minutes each week, which usually equates to extreme loss of physical mobility in the adult.  

Take Action Against Osteoarthritis Pain

For the newest study, researchers calculated daily steps taken by over 1700 people with or at possible risk for knee osteoarthritis pain.  Walking was determined with a monitor over a week, and physical  limitations studied two years later, showed greater physical function in almost half of the subjects.   The patients experienced a greater degree of range and functionality which was brought on by a slow walking speed and diligence in taking the walks.

I know, I know –  six thousand steps sounds like a lot!  But in fact, it is the equivalence of 3 miles.  What most people don’t realize is that more than likely, one probably walks about half this amount  just from daily movement and day-to-day functions of their own lives.  So if one consciously added a daily walk into their routine, they could easily reach the desired amount of steps it takes to combat osteoarthritis pain, and at the same time, add a little more healthy benefits from the walk.

No time is better than now to help change your habits and help give your knees a break from your osteoarthritis pain, or prevent osteoarthritis from even starting.  Trust me, your body will thank you later!