You type, drive, lift, pull, and push all day.  Aren’t your hands, wrists, and other joints killing you?  Have you tried different ways to alleviate the joint pain?

With so many health remedies and ways to apply pain management for achy joints and arthritis, it’s hard to decipher what can help and what can’t. When it comes to discovering new ways to help joint pain it’s important to uncover as much information about pain management that you can.  Magnetic bracelets have been suggested to help ease aches in joints and arthritis pain.  Let’s explore the pros and the cons.

Can Magnetic Bracelets Relieve Joint Pain?

Magnetic bracelets that purportedly alleviate joint and arthritis pain can be seen in TV ads, online, in magazine ads, and in stores. Do they actually work?  What are they?  Magnetic bracelets are made of metals like copper and/or magnets. These are made into jewelry that could give you pain relief by creating magnetic fields, which will stimulate your blood circulation.

Magnetic Bracelets and Arthritis


  • Blood circulation is an important part of your body’s overall function.

  • Can heal and are great for pain relief.

  • Cool and fashionable.


  • Must be used with care.  People with pacemakers should stay away from magnetic bracelets (as they might disturb the pacemaker device, which could lead to major mechanical and health difficulties).

  • If you don’t use the magnetic bracelets correctly they can cause certain appliances to malfunction.

  • There are fake magnetic bracelets on the market. These will not ease your pain so make sure that you purchase them from a legitimate source.

When it comes to arthritis pain, magnetic bracelets are an alternative for joint pain management.  Your active hands, joints, and wrists could use attention and care with whatever type of pain management that you decide upon.  You should take care of your wrists, hands, and joints daily, and use whatever methods that help to reduce your arthritis and joint pain.